Tech Addict Privacy Scarf

privacy scarf
By Bruce Eaton

The bane of using technology in public is the chance that someone might see what you are doing. Joe Malia has designed at the Royal College of Art a privacy scarf for those of us that wish to use our gadgets in public without fear of having it being seen. With this you can compose private text messages about important business meetings or use a computer at work and deal with highly sensitive data. [You’re also quite likely to attract the attention of any nearby mental health facility. -Ed.]

Who are we kidding? PRON PRON PRON!! That is all we would use it for…. at least I am truthful about what I would do with it…

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3 thoughts on “Tech Addict Privacy Scarf”

  1. While I can’t argue it’s merits for the truly paranoidpronfiends. It could be handy to overcome screen glare. Sorry just looking on the brightside.

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