TDK Preps For 2.5TB Hard Drives


By Chris Scott Barr

Man, my 1.5TB drives sitting in my storage server are starting to look smaller and smaller all the time. We’re finally starting to see 7200 RPM 2TB drives, and now TDK is talking about 2.5TB. Apparently the company is putting their new 640GB platters through the usual tests. Once those are finished, they will be able to stack four of them up in a single 3.5-inch drive. Mass production should begin in November, with drives appearing on the market early next year.

TDK is also working on 320GB platters that will allow for 640GB 2.5-inch drives. We should see these on the market late this year, or early 2010. Sure, Western Digital has 1TB drives, but these based on TDK’s technology will actually fit in your laptop.

[ TDK ] VIA [ Electronista ]

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