Taxi Walker Pedometer Counts Calories And Savings

Taxi Walker Pedometer (Image courtesy Japan Trend Shop)
By Andrew Liszewski

Like any decent pedometer, the Taxi Walker will not only keep track of the distance you’ve walked, but also how many calories you’ve burned in the process. And while keeping tabs on the calories you’ve burned is a great incentive for those watching their weight and trying to stay active, the Taxi Walker will also appeal to those who use walking as a cheap alternative to hailing a taxi cab. Not only does the LCD display apparently mimic a real taxi meter (though it looks nothing like the meters used where I live) but it also keeps track of how much a taxi ride would have cost for the same distance you walked.

The meter can be adjusted for fares and rate calculations depending on where you live, and the display will show you how many steps remain until the next fare increase, or you can simply activate an audible alert for every time the fare jumps. There’s also a ‘highway’ or ‘long-haul’ mode if you happen to be tackling a lengthy marathon since taxi charges are often calculated differently for longer trips, and the meter will even keep track of your progress over the past 7 days if you’re curious how you’ve progressed.

The Taxi Walker is available from the Japan Trend Shop for $33.

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