Tavellan River Table – A Babbling Brook In Your Living Room

Tavelland River Table (Image courtesy Elseware Design)By Andrew Liszewski

Feeling a bit stressed? Many people think those miniature waterfalls are a sure fire way to relax while lounging at home but they have one problem, you can’t really effectively mellow out without being able to put your feet up. (This is assuming you have a sparsely furnished living room of course.) Designer Oliver Beckert has solved this problem with the Tavelland coffee table.

Instead of a ‘been there, done that’ waterfall the Tavelland incorporates a peaceful babbling brook that continuously flows through the middle of the table. So besides providing a place to put your feet up while you kick back the Tavelland also seems like the perfect solution for getting rid of all those chip crumbs. I’m sure others will come up with even more… um… inventive uses for it as well.

The Tavelland table is available as a made-to-order product from Elseware Design so it’s safe to say we’re not talking IKEA pricing here.

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