Tascam iXZ Mic & Instrument Interface For iOS Devices

Tascam iXZ Mic & Instrument Interface For iOS Devices

Tascam iXZ (Image courtesy Tascam)
By Andrew Liszewski

What I like best about Tascam’s iOS device-friendly audio adapter is that it works with pretty much any application that lets you record, sample, or monitor a live audio feed. A single, balanced XLR input lets you plug in professional grade mics, audio equipment or instruments, and a set of AA batteries even lets you feed phantom power to a condenser mic as needed. A simple dial lets you adjust the input levels, and a 1/8-inch headphone jack on the back lets you monitor sound coming from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Pricing and availability are still TBA though.

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1 thought on “Tascam iXZ Mic & Instrument Interface For iOS Devices”

  1. 1/8 inch headphone connector? are you kidding me. that explains such low price($49)
    We need something using 30pinĀ  iphone 4/4S/ipod touch 4g connector as iaudiointerface 2 unit, but for under $200, I want to be able to record stereo from my live band using the 1/4 monitor outputs from my mixer and don’t have to be carrying my mac air 11.6″ and cakewalk us-1g interface. Until then good luck, I’m not going to buy an ipod2 just because. We need something portable. Otherwise I’ll be getting something as zoom h4n or tascam dr-40($250 each)

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