Talus ColdAvenger Mask

Talus ColdAvenger Mask (Image courtesy Talus)
By Andrew Liszewski

The last few days of January where I live have been particularly brutal, with temperatures falling well below freezing, and wind chill making the prospect of going outside completely unappealing. But the ColdAvenger mask could be the perfect solution for sub-zero temperatures, as it promises to keep your face warm and dry even in the worst of conditions, without the use of electrical heating elements or chemical reactions.

Instead, the ColdAvenger uses a patent-pending ventilation design to mix the cold air you’re inhaling, with the warm, humid air you’re exhaling, to create temperatures inside the mask that are on average 40º to 60ºF higher than outside, depending on your level of physical activity. The mask was developed and researched during the Winter months in the Rocky Mountains, and according to the company’s own testing, has been worn, with comfort, at -20ºF. What I like best though is that the ColdAvenger mask starts at just $49.99, which is cheaper than a nice scarf! Not to mention the fact it makes you look like a baddie from Half-LIfe.

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4 thoughts on “Talus ColdAvenger Mask”

  1. Funny enough, I was looking at these for my outdoor runs in the winter a few months ago. Went with a much cheaper balaclava, but I could see this being super practical for outdoor workers or enthusiasts!

  2. This is the first time while surfing this site that I saw something and just went straight to their website and made a purchase. Damn impulse buys! 😛 This will make my morning bike ride into work a lot more manageable, though.

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