Talking Digital Hand Grip Exerciser

Talking Digital Hand Grip (Image courtesy Improvements)By Andrew Liszewski

As I see it this Talking Hand Grip Exerciser will appeal to a very specific group who is both ashamed of their weak hand shake and (possibly as a result,) are very lonely. It works just like your standard squeeze strengthener except that a pleasant female voice will announce your workout results like present grip force, record grip force and number of squeezes.

The exerciser is capable of measuring grip forces from 8.8 pounds up to 199.6 pounds and also includes a detailed LCD display if you get tired of listening to the voice. And hopefully this trend of giving voices to everyday items will remain nothing but a fad. I already have enough devices that randomly beep throughout the day, the last thing I need is them randomly talking as well.

The Talking Digital Hand Grip Exerciser is available from Improvements for just $12.99.

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