Talking CPR Flashlight Could Help Save Someone’s Life

Talking CPR Flashlight (Images courtesy Full Of Life)
By Andrew Liszewski

While a regular flashlight can be handy in times of emergency, this particular flashlight could quite literally be the difference between life and death for someone who has stopped breathing or is experiencing cardiac arrest. At the touch of a button this talking flashlight will prompt you through the CPR process with a clear and calm female voice. It includes adult, child and baby specific instructions and even features a pause button so you don’t miss any of the important steps. The spoken instructions are compliant with the AHA 2005 guidelines, but I would not recommend relying on the flashlight without taking an actual CPR course first. While the procedure can help save someone’s life, it can also be quite dangerous if done incorrectly. So instead, you should think of this flashlight as a handy guide for remembering the CPR steps you’ve already learned when an emergency does arise.

You can get it from for $35.98.

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