TakaraTomy Multimedia Player

Takara TOMY Nano Channel (Image courtesy Digital World Tokyo)By Andrew Liszewski

To me the name TOMY (at least as we know it in North America) is forever connected to children’s toys. After a recent merger they’re now known as TakaraTomy and they’ve just announced a new Personal Media Player that seems to be carrying on the tradition of products designed for children, at least in terms of size.

The TDG-101, also apparently known as the Nano Channel is a diminutive Media Player that still packs an impressive list of features. Weighing in at 28g, the player is only 8mm thick and includes a 1.2 inch TFT display. It can handle MPEG 1 & 2, Quicktime, ASF, WMV and on the audio side, MP3 and WMA. Unfortunately though the battery life for audio playback is only about 6 hours, which doesn’t bode well for video playback times.

The Nano Channel should be available in the summer in various storage sizes up to 1gb for roughly $150. (After conversion.)

VIA [TechEBlog]