Tajima Seiryo Jacket Cooling System


A few weeks ago we wrote a clip-on fan that would keep your armpits dry. Well now, looking back, we think that product is pretty cute. See, the Tajima Seiryo Jacket Cooling System does a similar thing, only it cranks things up a few notches. Using a large 5,500 mAh battery, a strong clip-on three-speed fan, and a flexible yet sturdy silicone funnel, the device will blow a cool curtain of air all over your body, drying sweat before it has time to stick to your clothes. We know it looks ridiculous, and we’re not suggesting you wear this in an office; motorcycle riders who wisely insist on wearing their protective leather jackets in the hot summer sun, however, might find this refreshing. The battery will last anywhere between 6h and 8.5h, depending on the speed setting.

It’s $323.



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