Tactus Display Has Physical Buttons That Appear And Disappear At Will

Tactus Display Has Physical Buttons That Appear And Disappear At Will

By David Ponce

There’s a dying breed of mobile device user that still swears by the tactile keyboards. Yes, we’re mostly looking at you Blackberry, with your $1billion in unsold inventory… There will come a time, sadly, when the Blackberry’s are no more; the writing is on the wall. But what will happen to all these discombobulated users that will have to switch to touchscreens? If Tactus manages to get some traction, they may have some respite yet. The company has developed a special kind of display that can create physical buttons directly on the touch surface, on command, depending on the application. One minute it could be digits for dialling a number, the next it could be the alphabet for all your texting needs. If you watch the demo video below, you’ll see the technology is quite responsive and seems pretty much ready for prime time. You should also watch the video to see an example on how not to make videos. That dramatic voice is better suited in a movie preview than here.

But whatever, we digress. The company appears to be pretty serious and their technology could end up in our devices within the next couple of years, hopefully without too much of a price bump.

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  1. Hey Supergooman,

    I feel terrible for the boys in Waterloo, I’m not going to lie. I’m sorry you feel my comments were hateful but if you read them again you’ll notice they’re just factual. It’s sad, but RIM’s business is hurting and has been for a while. And I believe it’s partly due to their over reliance on having a tactile keyboard. They’re realizing it now and trying to fix things with Balckberry 10, but it really might be too little too late.

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