Tablift Can Help You iPad Lying Down

By David Ponce

Holding stuff in your hands is for losers. Especially when you’re in bed. Then you just want to turn into a sloppy rag of a human being and holding something an iPad up to your face sucks. That’s where the Tablift enters. It positions itself as a better alternative than the myriad iPad stands on the market currently. These are prone to either tipping over when on an unstable surface, or needing a sturdy surface (like a floor) on which to rest their weighted bases. The Tablift instead features four twistable legs and a three-slotted receptacle that lets it cradle the tablet in three different positions (and angles): sitting, reclining and lying down. Its wide base means it won’t tip over on an unstable surface, while it’s spider-like configuration means you can just rest it on your bed, even when no floor is available around you. And finally, since its legs are twistable, the entire thing can be made small and very portable.

Currently it’s a $55 pre-order on Kickstarter, which will go up to $60 once the early-bird models have sold out.

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3 thoughts on “Tablift Can Help You iPad Lying Down”

  1. I would understand in an hospital for people with disabled hands or something… but at home… how lazy can one get? I want one now 🙂

  2. Love the idea … currently writing this with the iPad on my lap (sitting on the sofa) and struggling like the girl in the movie. O.K. she looks much nicer than I do 😉 … but anyway, would love to use Tablift now (and can imagine many other usecases). So I really hope they get enough backers to make this possible. And yes, I am a backer … who hopes to receive his tablift soon.

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