Tablet PC With Detachable Screen

By David Ponce

Well, here’s one product coming out of CES about which I’m sad to see the word “concept” within striking distance. It’s a tabled PC laptop from Toshiba, with the very notable feature of having a detachable screen. It communicates with the base via WiFi, and would thus make it possible for you to, say, play a movie on the laptop and simply bring the screen around with you (so long’s you’re still within range).

Now, I say concept, but it looks like the guys at Engadget got to play around with it, so we know that it’s not the kind of concept that still stuck inside someone’s head. Hell, maybe the word “prototypey” should be used instead.

In any case, there you have it. A Toshiba Tablet PC with detachable screen.

[More at Engadget] VIA [Xataca]