Table for One? World’s First One-Person Restaurant is Now Open

Table for One? World’s First One-Person Restaurant is Now Open

Een Maal

Most people are uncomfortable with the idea of eating alone at a restaurant. I know I am, sometimes. There’s just something unsettling about sitting at a table with one or two empty seats staring back at you the entire time.

There’s no sense in trying to avoid having to eat alone your whole life, since it’s bound to happen sooner or later. So why not just embrace it and enjoy your meal while you’re at it? That’s the idea behind Eenmaal, the world’s first one-person restaurant that recently opened in Amsterdam.

All of the tables at the restaurant seat one person only. It’s an interesting layout, and I can’t help but be reminded about classroom desks when I look at Eenmaal’s solo tables. Social designer and initiator Marina van Goor explains the concept behind the restaurant: “Eenmaal is a restaurant like any other restaurant, but one thing is totally different: you only find tables for one person here. Eenmaal is an exciting experiment for those who never go out dining alone, as well as an appealing opportunity for those who often eat alone at restaurant.”

With Eenmaal, Marina hopes to break the taboo that there’s something wrong or negative with being alone or with eating alone. The pop-up restaurant will open in Amsterdam’s Bos en Lommer district this Thursday and will only stay open for two days. So if you happen to be in the area, do drop by for a solo gastronomic experience.

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