Tabber Guitar Sleeve Promises To Help You Learn

By David Ponce

It seems to be a good time to try and pick up the guitar. After games like Guitar Hero eventually died down, we’re seeing a new wave of applications meant to get you to play an actual instrument, as opposed to a plastic controller. First Rocksmith came out and quite frankly did a pretty awesome job. But you’re limited to playing on your console, with the amps and pedals as virtual on-screen options. The Tabber system being developed here is pretty different. It’s a sleeve with 13 LED light strips (wedged in between the first 12 frets and open notes), which “are all connected to an Arduino Uno processor. Power is supplied through a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The kit will utilize Bluetooth technology to control all of the lights from your mobile device. You will have an application that you can download to select through songs, chords, scales, light patterns, and lessons, and that’s just the start.” Sure, it won’t teach you proper finger positioning technique, but it’s a start. It’s supposedly very low profile and does not affect sound performance at all.

It looks like a potentially promising system, but it’s a Kickstarter project at the moment. This means that if it doesn’t reach its $45k goal, it’s a no-go for the Tabber. It’s $150 on pre-order, so get yours now if this rocks your boat.

Get it? Rocks… No?


[ Kickstarter Tabber Project ]