T-Shirt Design Update

By David Ponce

It’s been about five days since we launched our design competition, and we’ve received a few interesting submissions. But, man, not nearly enough! What’s up guys? Not that inspired? Not that interested in the stuff you can win?

So, let me ask y’all: what could make your creative juices flow? What can we offer to make this a contest worth entering? I ain’t saying we can suspend the laws of the universe on your behalf, but… ask and you may receive.

5 thoughts on “T-Shirt Design Update”

  1. Do you have you’re logo as vector (eps)?
    are gradients allowd? because some (screen) printers wont do them?
    I wish i had some more time to sweep in those prices 🙂
    so if you could pay me by the hour i would come up with a lot of exelent designs!

  2. I’d do something, but I’m horrible at doing anything visibly creative, except stage lighting designs. Maybe if the blog layout itself had a bit more character, that character could be carried over into a t-shirt?

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