Sybaris Armed Chair Motion Simulator

Sybaris Armed Chair (Image courtesy Sybaris)By Andrew Liszewski

Sure it may look like a boring old leather recliner but this is OhGizmo and we wouldn’t post a story about just any old chair, would we? The Sybaris Armed Chair actually has multiple actuators hidden away that allows it to reproduce a wide range of 2D or 3D motions and vibrations designed to coincide with the action in your favorite movie.

The motion data is transmitted to the chair’s motion controllers VIA the digital audio output of any DVD player which unfortunately means the chair will not work with just any DVD movie, only those specially created by Sybaris. At the moment their website lists 498 titles in their library and from what I can see most of the big blockbusters from recent years are available.

The Sybaris is currently available in 83 different colors so odds are it will mAtch the decor of your home-theatre no matter what it may be. As for the price? Well you might want to make sure you didn’t just take a sip of coffee because the Sybian Armed Chair x2 version retails for a spit-take-inducing $11,999! The x3 version will set you back even more at $14,999! And there also appears to be an additional cost for the motion controller and monthly subscription fees for the enhanced DVD movies.

[Sybaris Armed Chair] VIA [Chip Chick]

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