Swimming Pools With Movable Floors

Movable Swimming Pool Floors (Image courtesy Technology Pools)By Andrew Liszewski

How cool is this? A company called Technology Pools based in the UK can actually build you a new pool, or retrofit an existing facility with a movable floor that can be raised or lowered at the push of a button. The idea is to maximize the use of the pool and the space it takes up by re-purposing it. While you can raise the floor half-way making the pool suitable for hilarious diving/broken neck pranks, I’m sure the real benefit comes when you raise it all the way to to the top. Once it’s dried off it becomes extra space you can use for parties, dance floors or even a parking space as recommended on the company’s website.

To be honest all I see here is the opportunity for an endless number of pranks involving stuffy, uptight millionaires who have no idea the banquet table they’re sitting at will soon be 5 feet under water. I’ll bet they’d be so shocked their monocles would even fall out. Take that Rich Uncle Pennybags!

Not surprisingly Technology Pools doesn’t list the price for a pool with a movable floor on their website, but you can assume there’s enough zero’s in there to keep it out of reach from people like me.

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