SweetskinZ Bike Tire Tattoos

SweetskinZ (Images courtesy SweetskinZ Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

You can airbrush your bike’s frame, its accessories, even your helmet so you stand out from the crowd but try and paint those boring black tires and you’re probably not going to get the results you were looking for. SweetskinZ though has developed a technique for creating complex designs and finishes on a regular bicycle tire. A thin skin of rubber gets saturated in ink in the desired design and is then fused to the tire with a treatment of high heat and pressure. Not surprisingly the company doesn’t sell DIY kits, only the finished products.

Not only are the colors vibrant looking and extremely durable but the inks used are highly reflective at night providing the rider with another level of safety. (Assuming they’re already wearing the proper gear.) And because the creators of the SweetskinZ also seem to be avid biking enthusiasts the tires come in a wide selection of treads and options instead of being just a one-trick novelty item.

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