Swatch Touch (Images courtesy Swatch)

Swatch Decides They Want In On All This Touching Business Too

Swatch Touch (Images courtesy Swatch)
By Andrew Liszewski

Swatch is a brand that has primarily put form before function over the years. Their simple watches are known for having some of the most colorful patterns and unique designs you can find on a timepiece. But as far as technology goes? There’s a reason you don’t see them popping up on OhGizmo! too frequently. A few years ago they dabbled in Microsoft’s SPOT technology, and now they’re jumping on another bandwagon that will probably be around a lot longer than MS’s smartwatch platform.

The new, and uninspiringly named, Swatch Touch eschews any and all buttons for a touchscreen LCD display providing access to 6 different functions via swiping and tapping. The basic digital watch options are all there like date and time displays, multiple timezone support, chronograph, timer and alarms. And the ridiculous font used on the LCD display seems to mirror their rounded plastic case and silicone strap. Available October 1st for ~$157 (£100) and because they’re from Swatch, you’ll be able to get them in 6 colors including camo, pink, purple, black, white and turquoise.

[ T3 – Swatch Touch officially unveiled as touchscreen timepiece ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]

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