Swan’s Ultimate Ribbon System 2.3HT Both Frightens and Inspires

Swan’s Ultimate Ribbon System 2.3HT Both Frightens and Inspires

By Ryan Nill

Swan’s new 2.3HT system packs an unbelievable 1500 watts. They boast that this is the current end of all of personal sounds systems; a claim that I might have heard a few times before. After a quick glance of the 2.3HT’s specs, I’m starting to believe them. The 2.3HT is comprised of several sections, two front speakers (Swans 2.3F), a center speaker (Swans 2.3C), two surround speakers (Swans 2.3R) and two Swans 2.3 Subwoofers.

Swans gives us a bunch a technical jive, which we’ve kindly included after the jump for those of you so inclined. But the gist of their claim to fame is the use of a total of 165 drivers, in a 630-pound mammoth system. And while their description sounds awesome (and slightly dangerous), the chances of losing your hearing are significantly mitigated by the exacerbated price of $30,000. Yes, it will cost you $30,000 to own the home sound system that will make Mr. Jones finally give up in disgust.

From the website:

Swans 2.3F uses 20pcs of 28mm dome tweeter and 20pcs of RT1.3 on the front baffle, 12pcs of 28mm dome tweeter and 12pcs of RT1.3 mounted to the rear of the baffle. The drivers are arranged in a Front/Back linear sound source system. The mid-range uses HiVi professional 6” full range driver. The Swans 2.3 Sub adopts a large professional 15” driver.

Swans 2.3C uses many of the same drivers used in the Swans 2.3F to preserve tonal uniformity across the front sound field, including the RT1.3 Isodynamic ribbon tweeter, 28mm dome tweeter, and 4 6” mid-low frequency drivers.

Swans 2.3R is a Bi-pole system, adopting 2 6” mid-low frequency drivers, 2 28mm dome tweeters, and 4 RT1.3 Isodynamic ribbon ultra tweeters. Power is strong enough wrap the listener in the ideal surround sound field.

The input power range of Swans 2.3F is 10W-800W, power is distributed to a multi-cell linear matrix structure. This special structure makes every driver work in an optimal low distortion situation. Measuring almost 2 meters in height and finished in the highest quality natural wood veneer, the Swans 2.3F are as stunning visually as they are acoustically.

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