Sushi Cats: A Photo Series of Adorable Felines Served Up as Sushi

Sushi Cats0

Love cats? Love sushi? Then you’ll love Sushi Cats. Before you freak out and insist that you don’t find cat sushi appetizing, let me reassure you that Sushi Cats isn’t sushi that’s made from cats. Instead, it’s actually a photo series by Japan-based company Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts that showcases the most adorable cats dressed up as sushi.

The cats are perched on a comfortable-looking gigantic rice pillow and they’re “topped” with an array of stuff, ranging from condiments and seafood to handbags and striped socks. There are more photos from the series after the jump.

Sushi Cats1

Sushi Cats2

Sushi Cats3

Sushi Cats4

The Sushi Cats are so cool that Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts felt obliged to release a mobile game app featuring the adorable felines. The app is available for compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

VIA [ Laughing Squid ]