Surround Sound Heaphones With Style

By Jonathan Kimak

Headphones have always been a good friend of the gamer. They keep the parents, girlfriend, neighbors or pets from ruining a perfect moment by shouting/barking “Turn that damn game down” just as you were about to execute a perfect headshot. Many times you had to sacrifice comfort for functionality or vice-versa. But the AudioFX Pro 5+1 gaming headset hopes to give you everything you need, including comfort.

They do look rather comfy and the 5.1 surround sound is a really nice feature. Bonuses to the design are the included force feedback effect and LED lights on the side that indicate the volume level. It’s a USB headset and has a price tag of $79.94. Be sure to use the mute mic button if you still live at home and you don’t want to be caught on YouTube being chastised by your mom and laughed at by millions of others.

[ eDimensional ] VIA [ Everything USB ]

2 thoughts on “Surround Sound Heaphones With Style”

  1. One thing to know before purchasing this headset, it is VERY LOUD. For me to use it I had to have my computer volume turned down to 1, otherwise it was very loud and uncomfortable, but if you like to listen to loud music and make your ears bleed these are the headphones for you. I liked the style and they are very comfortable otherwise, but I had to stop using them because of how loud they were. Now they just sit on my desk gathering dust.

  2. The sound quality of these headphones got poor reviews compared to others of the same price, I went for the AX51 instead. Don’t be fooled by Ben Hecks name on the packaging, these are not “the best headphones he’s ever used”. These are indeed comfortable however, and gaming with force feedback is the most immersive thing I’ve ever experienced. These are great headphones, but there are better ones out there for the same price.

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