Surprise: X-Ray App That Lets You See Under Catalog Models’ Clothing Actually Boosts Sales

By David Ponce

It’s hard to think of a better way to showcase augmented reality technology than by making use of it to undress models. Case in point is the latest marketing push by outerwear retailer Moosejaw. Last month they released an iPhone app that works in conjunction with their print magazine. Get the mag, download the app, and point your camera at select pages on the magazine. While the boring old dead tree reality would show you the models fully clothed, they’d appear in their skivvies on screen. From the video below, the technology works quite well. What seems to work even better is its effect on the company’s bottom line as they’ve seen a 37% increase in sales from the same period in November last year. Other retailers have tried similar products before but Moosejaw seems to have seen the largest impact on sales. What’s more, Gary Wohlfeill, the company‚Äôs creative director, said that although they’re pleased with the increased ROI, their ultimate goal was to delight their subscriber base and build long term loyalty.

Nearly naked models will do that.

VIA [ Mashable ]