Surfer’s Body With OSIM’s uSurf? We Think Not.


By David Ponce

OSIM’s uSurf is a mechanical exercise surfboard. It’ll keep you fit by simulating being on a surfboard. It’s kind of like a mechanical bull for your legs. The three-dimensional rocking and bucking will allegedly help you shape and tone targeted muscle groups. It comes with some tension cords to help you keep your balance on your first tries and a remote control to select programs without dismounting.

While we somewhat agree with the company’s party line of “ever seen a fat surfer?”, you have to imagine that there’s more to getting fit while surfing than just keeping your balance on the board. We bet that running towards the waves and paddling furiously probably have something to do with it, along with the likelihood that if you’d sporty enough to surf regularly, you probably also live a somewhat healthy lifestyle. And, if you’re so intent on getting fit by trying to keep your balance, we think you’re probably better of spending $40 on a nice ball and standing on it, than dropping the $500 asking price.

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2 thoughts on “Surfer’s Body With OSIM’s uSurf? We Think Not.”

  1. It looks good but with since it;s OSIM, I am sure it is like other OSIM products.
    1. UZAP. didn’t help to loose weight 7 caused me back paim.
    2. I-care – hard to use because it is hard to see the button with the mask over the eyes.
    3. I-gallop. HK news documented that it can cause spin damage.

    Don’t buy OSIM!

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