Superbeam USB Earbuds Are Boomless Binaural Recorders

By David Ponce

Let’s break that headline down a bit, shall we? The Superbeam USB earbuds from Andrea Electronics are primarily meant to be used with your computer while doing video calls. They are boomless, which means you won’t have that annoying microphone extend right in front of your mouth, making you look like a failed boy-band member. They are also binaural in that they will pick up your voice from both sides, rendering your sound in stereo. And they’re recorders because, well, they can record. In stereo. Without a boom.

There’s talk of neodymium drivers, noise cancellation, “adaptive beam forming” and other tech things that are meant to justify their $129 pricetag. Oh and an extra $10 for the accessory that would let you use them with a regular solo 3.5mm jack for audio only, since they have two plugs. It’s a lot of money to get rid of a boom but maybe not looking like Justin Timberlake on a conference call is worth that much to someone.

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