Super Soakers Now Have Replaceable Clips For Instant Refills

Super Soaker Thunderstorm (Image courtesy Ars Technica)
By Andrew Liszewski

I haven’t decided if NERF taking over the Super Soaker brand has been a good thing or not. On one hand what I like most about the original SS was its incredibly simple, straightforward design that outperformed everything else on the market. But on the other hand, NERF clearly has an expertise when it comes to making fancy faux-weaponry. And while the Super Soakers have gotten a little overcomplicated for my liking, I really like this latest innovation which sees the water guns getting replaceable clips making refilling in the heat (or refreshing cool) of battle a cinch.

Ars Technica had the chance to try out the Super Soaker Thunderstorm model, which has unfortunately lost the signature ‘pump-action’ the original SS was known for, replaced by a battery driven pump. But the swappable clips, which are easy to fill and completely leak proof when not in the gun, are a fun innovation. They feature a large screw top opening so they can be quickly filled from a tap, and are designed to work in other guns too. So they can be shared by teammates when a water fight breaks out. The clips themselves are just $3.99 each so it’s not terribly expensive to stock up on them, while the Thunderstorm model pictured above is also pretty cheap at just $14.99.

[ Super Soaker Thunderstorm ] VIA [ Ars Technica ]

2 thoughts on “Super Soakers Now Have Replaceable Clips For Instant Refills”

  1. I’m guessing you didn’t grow up in the 80s…look up the Entertech AK Centerfire. Entertech had a whole line of battery-operated water pistols, rifles, RPGs, etc. The AK Centerfire had replaceable clips, as well. Nerf isn’t innovating here…they’re just revamping a 25-year old idea.

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