Super Nintendo Controller Gets A Power-UP

By Luke Anderson

Remember back when the Super Nintendo came out? Man, I loved that controller. Not only did you have all of the same buttons from the NES, but you got an X, Y, L and R button. Whose brain could possibly keep track of all of those tiny buttons? Apparently it wasn’t that hard, since our Xbox 360 controllers now have 11 buttons, two analog sticks and a D-pad (as opposed to the 8 buttons and single D-pad on the SNES). The old Super Nintendo controller was definitely one of my favorites, and someone else liked it so much that they decided to make a gigantic one for themselves.

This monster controller measures a whopping 40 inches in width, and actually works. On the inside you’ll find a regular SNES controller with all of the buttons rewired to their over-sized counterparts. The creator was kind enough to document the entire building process, so you’re welcome to make your own, that is if your living room isn’t already full of plastic musical instrument controllers.

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