Super Mario Chocolates

super mario bros. chocolates

By David Ponce

So, hey, buddy, listen. Valentine’s Day’s coming up right quick. And, that’s a good time to get your gal something nice. We have yet to meet a girl that doesn’t like chocolates, so here’s an idea for an interesting gift. You can both make her happy, and tell her how much of a retro geek you are by getting her these Super Mario Bros. Coin Chocolate Sets. When you buy a box, it comes with a Mario world figurine (it could be Mario, Luigi, super mushroom, Kuriboh and Nokonoko), a block (either brick block, question block or clay pipe), and a few chocolate coins (that’s where the chocolate part comes in). We’re not sure how many chocolate coins are included, because the English on the site is just so perfect. But still, for $20, on pre-order from cellphone strap maker Strapya, it’s not a bad deal.

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