Sunshine Solar Charger Doesn’t Look So Utilitarian While Doing Its Job


Charging your gadgets with the power of the sun is an increasingly enticing activity, given our society’s concern for all things green. But it’s not because you’ve got a bunch of solar panels that things have to look drab and utilitarian in the process. The Sunshine Solar Charger livens things up a bit by attempting to look like a bouquet of flowers in a pot, with 5 charging panels filling up an integrated 2,600mAh battery that will then transfer its stored sun-power to your device once you connect it.

The Sunshine is made of 45% bio-based material derived from plants not oil. As a consequence this products reduces CO2 emission by 35% compared to a products that is entirely made of plastic. Leading to carbon footprint reduction. The biomaterial is made of Corn residue, therefore naturel color shades and deviations may occur, but this do not affect the function.

The pictures look like CG renderings so we’re not 100% sure the product exists, but you can try to order it from the website for €89.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ HolyCool ]

Update: The product designers have gotten in touch with us and they’d like you to know that their website can be found at and the product itself can absolutely be bought, in up to 30 countries.