Sundial Cannon Could Be Most Effective Alarm Clock In History


By Evan Ackerman

This is what’s called a sundial cannon, or a noon cannon. Assuming the weather cooperates, at noon exactly the lens on the sundial focuses sunlight onto a pan filled with gunpowder, setting off the cannon to mark the time. Generally, the cannons weren’t loaded with shot, but with all of the novelty alarm clocks out there, it seems like one that automatically shoots you could be really, really effective, in a potentially dangerous sort of way. And hey, it’s even solar powered.

VIA [ Neatorama ]

6 thoughts on “Sundial Cannon Could Be Most Effective Alarm Clock In History”

  1. Talk about being green. No wasteful use of electricity or requirement for a station to be picked for a radio alarm, and no flashing leds. Just the occasional chance that something accidentally gets placed/falls into the cannon and the next alarm shoots it at you.

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