Sunbeam Hot Iron Storage Case – What Manner Of Sorcery Is This?

Sunbeam Hot Iron Storage Case (Images courtesy Amazon & Sunbeam)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even if you’ve never used an iron in your life, you probably realize it’s a good idea to let it completely cool down before you put it back in the closet. But Sunbeam seems to be contradicting this simple piece of common sense with their Hot Iron Storage Case. It basically lets you put your iron away as soon as you’re done using it, without having to wait for it to cool off. The case is made from a durable heat-resistant plastic and features a locking lid to prevent other people or items from coming into contact with the heat. The iron itself actually sits on a set of silicon pads, while other items like the power cord or water cup accessory are stored in a separate compartment.

If I were the type who used an iron, I would still be leery about putting it away while it was still hot. But I have to assume that if any product in the Sunbeam line was thoroughly tested before it hit the consumer market, it would be this thing. You can get it directly from Sunbeam for $19.99. (Iron not included.)

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