TerreStar Genus (Images courtesy AT&T and UofM)

Suffering From AT&T Reception Woes? Maybe You Should Consider Their New TerreStar Genus Dual-Mode Cellular/Satellite Smartphone

TerreStar Genus (Images courtesy AT&T and UofM)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s kind of like swatting a mosquito with a brick, but if you’re sick and tired of reception issues with AT&T you might want to look into their new TerreStar Genus satellite smartphone. On the plus side you’ll have coverage literally anywhere in the United States with a direct view of the sky, including Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and surrounding waters, but that big advantage is kind of overshadowed by a long list of cons. For starters you’ll have to give up your iPhone or other smartphone of choice for a ‘plump’ $799 Windows Mobile 6.5 device, and if that price tag wasn’t enough of a sticker shock, the service plans will be.

The TerreStar Genus doesn’t require a contract surprisingly, but according to SkunkPost.com it does require a regular AT&T voice and data plan, plus an extra $25/month to have access to the satellite service. And then whenever you do make a satellite call you’ll be charged an additional 65cents/minute. But the satellite service offers data too so you don’t necessarily have to ever make a call, just don’t think you’re cheating the system since data costs a whopping $5 per megabyte! I mean the phone might save your life one day if you’re ever lost in the wilderness, but who wants to come home to that cellphone bill?

[ PR – TerreStar Genus™ Dual-Mode Cellular/Satellite Smartphone Now Available from AT&T ] VIA [ SkunkPost.com ]

1 thought on “Suffering From AT&T Reception Woes? Maybe You Should Consider Their New TerreStar Genus Dual-Mode Cellular/Satellite Smartphone”

  1. Wo wo wo hold on a sec, a satellite phone with integrated antenna?!
    Amazing. And to make it even more sweet it's a cell phone too, that isn't common, most satelite phones are standalone devices.

    Also this reportedly uses just one satellite, the TerreStar-1 which also happens to be most massive single satellite launched into a geosynchronous transfer orbit and is the largest commercial communications satellite ever built.

    And finally, in satellite communications, that payment plan is actually ridiculously cheap.

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