Successories Umbrellas

Successories Umbrellas

Successories Umbrellas (Image courtesy SkyMall)By Andrew Liszewski

I can’t think of a more terrible word in the corporate vernacular than ‘successories.’ While I guess anything can really be a successory, the term tends to apply to images and items that include an inspirational phrase of some sort. And honestly, if you can’t survive a day at work without being surrounded by all this inspirational crap, then maybe you’ve chosen the wrong career.

Unfortunately though, it looks like successories are trying to make a break from the confines of the corporate world in the form of this inspirational umbrella. When open, a panel on one side of the canopy has a vibrant, full-color image, while the opposite side has a motivational quote. Perfect for people who spend their time reading umbrellas. At least it uses the patented ‘Windbrella Vented Mesh System’ so that it won’t be torn apart in high winds. “If the umbrella can survive, then so can I!”

It’s currently available from SkyMall for $29.99.

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