Submit Your 3 Favorite Pieces Of Media To HP’s Campaign… Win A MediaSmart Server!

hp-mediasmart2[ This article concnerns a paid campaign currently running on the site. -Ed. ]

By David Ponce

For the last few weeks, HP has been running a campaign called “What Are Your 3?”, which is centered around the idea of sharing the media content that’s the most dear to you. This makes sense for them of course because the conversation swirls around their MediaSmart Server, a piece of hardware that would make it much easier for you to store and share a panoply of digital content with just about anyone you want. It’s a smart campaign that includes many facets. One of them is a contest: you can win your own HP MediaSmart Server just by participating!

Simply visit this page and submit three digital items you think are cool. It can be a picture, a video or some music. Here’s the link to my submission. These can be voted on, and for some reason, I got a paltry six votes… So if nothing else, you guys can get me some votes, right? I’m not entirely sure how a winner is selected, but I can assure you that you can’t win if you don’t participate.

Finally, they’ve asked me to write an article loosely related to sharing digital content. So if you’re interested, you can read that here. Let me know what you think…

[ Win an HP MediaSmart Server ]