Stylish Vera Kettles – Bugatti Design & Bugatti Pricing

Casa Bugatti Vera Kettle (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Keeping up the theme of stylish kitchen appliances with a splash of color we have these new Vera electric kettles by Casa Bugatti. Now we’re no strangers to Bugatti’s efforts in the kitchen, having previously brought you their Vela 3-Speed Blender, but the Vera kettle goes one step beyond just a lovely design.

You see the handle on the Vera incorporates a screen that provides information about the temperature of the water boiling inside. The high-tech handle can also be used to set a specific temperature for the water (between 45 and 100°C) or you can set a timer to ensure you wake up in the morning to piping hot water ready for your coffee. The Vera Kettle is expected to be in stock at sometime in mid-September in a variety of colors, but it will set you back about $300. It is a Bugatti after all.

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