Pixbags (Images courtesy DaWanda)

Stylish Pixbag SLR Camera Wraps

Pixbags (Images courtesy DaWanda)
By Andrew Liszewski

Occasionally an SLR manufacturer like Pentax will come out with a colorful camera option for those who like to stand out in the crowd. But otherwise black, slightly less black, and really dark gray are pretty much your only color options when shopping for an SLR or DSLR these days. Unfortunately for the most part it’s the same situation when shopping for a case, though there are standouts.

These Pixbag bags by DaWanda (kind of like a European version of Etsy) seller Chocmuf are made from a large assortment of bright colors, patterns and prints. And while they’re not going to provide a heck of a lot of protection for your gear when traveling, they are padded and seem perfect for safely stashing your camera in a backpack, or for just carrying it around all day. The handmade bags, which come in 3 different sizes for different cameras, range in price from ~$72 (€49.90) up to ~$79 (€54.90), presumably depending on the fabric used. And additional options like a wrist strap or extra room for a battery grip add to the overall price.

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