Cricket Camping Trailer (Images courtesy Cricket)

Stylish Cricket Camping Trailer Designed By A NASA Architect

Cricket Camping Trailer (Images courtesy Cricket)
By Andrew Liszewski

While probably outnumbered by scientists, engineers and even pilots, there’s apparently still a place at NASA for architects. And before turning his focus to more terrestrial endeavors, the designer of the Cricket camping trailer, Garrett Finney, actually worked on the habitation module for the International Space Station. So when it comes to designing small spaces that are as functional as possible, I can’t think of someone more qualified.

Each Cricket trailer is built to custom order, so customers get only what they want and/or need, and apparently range in price from about $10,000 up to $17,000. Amenities include a very compact stove and sink, equally compact shower and toilet, a tiny dining table and a couch that folds flat providing sleep space for a couple of people. The hard shell exterior is also strong enough to allow a couple of hammocks to be strung up inside for extra sleeping space for kids. The Cricket trailer is even light enough to be towed by some 4-cylinder cars since it weighs in at around 1,300 lbs before packed with provisions. And it takes just 20 seconds to set up once you’ve arrived at camp, which basically involves popping up the roof which is made extra easy with the assistance of automatic gas pistons.

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