Stylish Concept Camera: Good For Your Karma

By Jonathan Kimak

Before I delve into this interesting concept camera I’d like to share my confusion with the name of this camera. The camera appears to be called the Yang Ying camera. It is shaped to look like the Yin and Yang symbol of the harmony between the light and dark sides of humanity. Yang Ying, from the information that I could find, appears to be a Chinese table tennis champion. So either the name is a result of a common mistake about the term Yin and Yang or I could be reading way to much into it.

Anyways, the camera istelf looks pretty snazzy. Half of the camera houses the LCD screen and the actual camera, the other half houses the storage and the USB connection. It also looks like the camera was designed to be worn around the neck as an accessory for the fashion conscious. The camera was designed by Polish designer Kubasek Krzysztof.