Stylish Arcade Coffee Tables Make Your Home Less & More Geeky

Stylish Arcade Coffee Tables Make Your Home Less & More Geeky

surface tension Contemporary Arcade Coffee Tables (Images courtesy surface tension)
By Andrew Liszewski

First off I like how surface tension describes these gaming tables as “contemporary arcade coffee tables” since it makes their product appealing to both hardcore gamers and casual players who don’t necessarily want a living room filled with consoles, cables and controllers.

While the tables are nothing more than an Intel PC running Windows XP, iTunes, Firefox, MAME, Messenger and other apps it’s the fact that the computer and 19-inch LCD display are hidden inside a relatively attractive coffee table that will appeal to the company’s target demographic. To keep it’s secret hidden the table also includes a fold-out set of arcade joysticks and buttons and uses a tinted glass top that hides the LCD display when it’s not turned on. For other PC related tasks like surfing the web or IM’ing an external wireless multimedia keyboard is necessary.

The Game Table currently comes in three versions only differentiated by their external finishes and will set you back about $6,600. And while the photos conveniently don’t show them I assume anyone buying this table will also want to find a way to hide the unit’s power cord.

[ surface tension Contemporary Arcade Tables ] VIA [ Cribcandy ]

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