A Light Bear That Won’t Fill You Up

Cepia Color-Changing Plush Animals (Image courtesy Cepia website)By Andrew Liszewski

Since the welcomed disappearance departure of Teddy Ruxpin the stuffed animal industry has not exactly been keeping up in terms of technological advancements.

Thankfully, Cepia LLC is attempting to bring a little bit of modern innovation to the plush toy. Through the use of what appears to be fibre-optics and a unique glowing fabric, they’ve created several plush animals that can light-up and cycle through a series of different colors. To really get an idea of how well these bears do illuminate check out the videos on the Cepia website. (VIA the ‘View Video’ link on the left-hand side)

The Light-Up Bear is available in several colors from Target for $19.99

[Light-Up Plush Animals] From [Cepia LLC]