Street-Legal Bumper Car: Be the Oldest Kid on the Road

Street-Legal Bumper Car: Be the Oldest Kid on the Road

Street Legal Bumper Car

Think you’re too old for bumper cars? Think again. I’m not talking about the small ones that you’ll probably have a difficult time getting into at the local arcade. I’m talking about thisĀ 1984 Dodge Colt that was modded to look like a giant bumper car. It isn’t called street-legal for nothing.

The one-of-a-kind vehicle was up for sale on eBay up until a couple of hours ago by aptly-named sellerĀ bumpercarguy. At the end of the listing, the highest bidder was willing to shell out $2,938 for the car, but the sale isn’t going to be completed because that amount doesn’t meet the seller’s reserve price.

Street Legal Bumper Car1

That’s good news for all the guys out there who have their eye on this baby but haven’t or weren’t able to bid, since the seller might probably re-list the car again in the coming days or weeks.

The bumper car-like exterior is customized from fiberglass, with a pole installed at the back to make it look like the electric signal poles on actual bumper cars. The 1.6-liter turbo Colt seems like a pretty comfortable ride with airconditioning, two new front wheel tires, and a $1,500-worth stereo system.

You can check out the eBay listing here.