Stormtrooper Replica Motorcycling Suits

By David Ponce

Bitchin’ motor runnin’, head out on the intergalactic highway…

Oh, sorry, didn’t see you there while humming my cleverly modified Steppenwolf song that I’m awkwardly using to segue into a description of this motorcycle suit that’s shaped like a Stormtrooper outfit. It’s made from grade-A cowhide and has the following features:

– Incredible attention to detail, featuring form molded details like never before.
– Raised rib detailing on the sleeves, shoulders, legs, torso and midsection perfectly replicating the look of rigid armor.
– Adjustable forearms, biceps, thighs and shin leather armor allow for a personalized ‘custom’ body fit.
– Waist belt is part of the jacket and not removable. Cleverly hidden is the main front zipper which has 3 main access points providing function, while allowing the main torso armor to be uncompromised and true to what was seen on screen.
– Snap buttons on the cuffs and wrist zippers.
– Jacket and Pants zip together at the waist essentially converting this to a one-piece body suit.
– Removable quilted cotton lining.
– CE-approved body armor in the shoulders, forearms/elbow, back spine protector, thighs and knee/shin armor is standard for riders but is easily removed for day-to-day wear.

Sounds like some serious suit right there, and there’s a serious price to match: $1,165 CDN for the whole set, although you can buy it in separate parts. Like, the books cost $150. But let’s face it, you’d look pretty stupid wearing only part of a Stormtrooper biking suit. You’ll still look weird wearing the whole thing, but no one gives a damn because, well, Star Wars is what.

Sales close January 31st, 2012 with delivery in Q2 of that year. The essential helmets, however… don’t appear to be sold with this.

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