Stoplight Alarm Clock (Images courtesy Stoplight Alarm Clock)

Stoplight Alarm Clock Assumes Your Child Doesn’t Know When To Get Up, But Knows The Rules Of The Road

Stoplight Alarm Clock (Images courtesy Stoplight Alarm Clock)
By Andrew Liszewski

If it’s like Christmas morning every day in your home with your kids bouncing out of bed well before there’s even distracting cartoons on TV, this alarm clock is supposed to let them know when it’s appropriate to rise and shine, and when they should stay under the covers if they know what’s good for them. It’s claim to fame is a miniature streetlight that corresponds to the alarms set by parents.

When it’s glowing red it subtly lets your kids know that they should still be sleeping, or at least keeping their crack-of-dawn wild child antics confined to their bed. But when the alarm goes off the light turns green letting them know they’re free to roam about the house. Apparently the yellow light is just there to complete the set, though I think it would serve as a good reminder every night that bedtime was getting close. $34.99 available directly from its website.

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