Stir Mug Does All Of The Work For You

By Luke Anderson

I don’t know much about coffee, or exactly how much it should be stirred, but I have it on good authority that if you don’t get it properly mixed up, it can taste pretty bad. You have a few options for stirring up your cup of Joe such as spoons, stir sticks and a self-stirring mug. That’s right, now you don’t even need to bother stirring it yourself.

This coffee mug comes with a special base that will keep things mixed up for you while you’re busy typing or playing solitaire at your desk. They’ve kindly included a clear snap-on lid that will prevent any spills, which is probably best for a drink that’s best served hot.  This cool little gadget can be had for just $19.

[ Gevalia ] VIA [ Coolest-Gadgets ]

4 thoughts on “Stir Mug Does All Of The Work For You”

  1. u know that u stir ur coffee with ur right hand or ur left….neither, u stir it with a spoon. Well…that’s my uncles classic joke…and u just ruined it.

  2. Word is they’re developing a device to not only make and stir the coffee, but lift it to your open mouth so that you may take gentle sips while driving.

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