Stick ‘Em Magnetic Towels: Feel Free to Stick ‘Em Up

Magnetic Towel

Towels. You need them but you might not necessarily have space for them in your kitchen. Getting some of those stick-on plastic hooks is one option, but imagine what a pain it’s going to be if you remove them and peel off a layer of pain with it. You could  hang them around your refrigerator handles, but then you have to be prepared to pick them up from the floor a lot because that’s where they’ll usually be after a few people walk past the fridge and inadvertently brush past it, causing it to slide to the floor.

And then there’s the Stick ‘Em Magnetic Towels, which seems like the most logical solution of the bunch.

Stick Em Magnetic Towels

It’s essentially a towel with a magnet on one end so you can just stick it on your fridge or oven and forget about it–until the next time you need it. It’s extremely convenient and solves a first-world problem that most homemakers face at some point in their lives.

It retails for $12. If you already have too many towels at home though, then you can just buy a magnet and sew one yourself on your towels.

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