Stephen King’s Short Story “N.” Coming to Small Screen

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Stephen King is an undisputed literary master in many circles and one of the bestselling authors in the world and let’s face it the dude is a bit weird to boot. I remember my first exposure to his work when I was a kid with the original film “The Shining” with Jack Nicholson. That movie scared the hell lout of me, as it would with most 7 year old kids. Over the years I have found that most movies based on King’s work aren’t nearly as good as the early stuff. King also tries all sorts of formats for his work from theatrical movies, to serial novels, to magazines and even TV shows.

King is now looking to conquer one of the last mediums for his work around, the small screen of your PC or cell phone. King has teamed up with Scribner, Simon & Schuster Digital, Marvel entertainment, and CBS Mobile for a comic book style adaptation of a original and previously unpublished short story called “N.”. The story will be in the form of serialized video clips each 2 minutes long. The first segment of the series will debut July 28 and new segments will be offered 5 days per week until August 29.

Fans of King’s work will be able to view the episodes for free online and the segments will be available on most major mobile carriers as well. Fans wishing to buy the series can get the 5 episode segments for $0.99 or buy the entire season of the program for $3.99. A limited edition book and DVD of all episodes will be available in November when the “N.” short story is published in a compilation of King short stories called “Just After Sunset”.

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