Stem Eco-Vacuum Concept (Image courtesy Cambridge Consultants)

Stem Vac Touted As The World’s Most Eco-Friendly Vacuum Cleaner

Stem Eco-Vacuum Concept (Image courtesy Cambridge Consultants)
By Andrew Liszewski

Just when we thought Dyson had created the definitive vacuum cleaner, a design and development firm called Cambridge Consultants have conjured up a new concept that promises to be the world’s most eco-friendly. And how does it justify claiming that crown? Well most obvious is the fact that it would be made from sustainable components, like the wooden frame which holds all of the components together.

However, the real innovation is how the Stem regulates its power use. It’s able to detect whether it’s being used on carpet or hardwood floors, or with the hose attachment, and automatically regulates the suction power. Though at all times ensuring it never compromises on its cleaning capabilities. It will even drastically reduce its power usage when the person vacuuming pauses to move furniture without shutting the vacuum off. Overall they feel the Stem could use as much as 43% less energy than the average vac, but since they haven’t actually built a concept to test out this theory — nor do they have plans to get it in consumer’s hands — your best bet is to still probably stick with a Dyson.

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  1. Now a days, Eco system product really helpful for environment and home cleaner uses. First time, I heard and watch this vacuum cleaner product with your content. I have a question, What type of materiel used this product wood or metal?

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