SteelSeries Announces a Pair of Ikari Gaming Mice

SteelSeries Ikari Gaming Mouse (Image via Steelseries)by Shane McGlaun

We should hence forth refer to this as mouse week. Today yet another gaming mouse has been announced, this time from lesser known SteelSeries to combat the SideWinder Mouse and the Razer Lachesis announced this week. SteelSeries is actually announcing two mice with one using an optical engine tweaked for FPS gamers and the other using a laser engine aimed at RTS and MMO players.

Both mice have buttons that allow the dpi level to be adjusted on-the-fly and both mice are driverless designs. The mouse glide surface is said to be 300% larger than other gaming mice on the market for reduced friction with the mouse pad.

The laser version of the mouse has a LCD screen on the bottom of the mouse that displays the current sensitivity setting. Oddly neither mouse actually states what their sensitivity settings are, but the LCD display in one of the shots of the laser Ikari mouse shows 3000 dpi. Both versions are headed to market in Q4 of 2007 and pricing is unknown at this time.

VIA [ SteelSeries ]

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