Steam Cooling Sounds Lame, Isn’t

By Evan Ackerman

Celsia Nanospreader

My beast of a laptop sure does pump out a lot of heat. Despite lapping the heatsink, applying Arctic Silver, and regularly vacuuming out my fans, I can loop 3DMark and heat my entire apartment over the winter. I’d love a liquid cooling setup, but there’s no way you can stuff something like that into a laptop… Wait for it… Until now. Celsia has created a new form of heatspreader that uses a flat hollow plate with a small amount of water inside. The water flashes into steam when it heats up, rapidly transferring heat through the plate. According to Celsia, “steam conducts heat better than almost any substance out there.” The steam moves to a colder part of the system, where it condenses and is channeled back to the source. The plate is amazingly thin (with a width of less than 1mm), has no moving parts, and can be shaped in any manner. Although it costs a bit more to implement than standard cooling setups, fewer physical components are needed, so ultimately Celsia claims cost neutrality with vastly increased effectiveness. Here’s hoping, since using my laptop on top of my lap would probably render me sterile in seconds.

[ Celsia Nanospreader ] VIA [ CNet ]